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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Friend Needs Heart Transplant


One of my oldest friends needs a heart transplant. She has known me since I was 5 years old. She was the first friend I had in kindegarten and we went to elementary, junior high and high school together. We've kept in touch all these years (I'm not saying how many that's been :-). She remembers me back in my afro puff hair-wearing days, she witnessed everyone of the fist fights I ever had (surprisingly all three of them were with boys), she was there when I had my first crush and she has been a great supporter since my books have been published. Roz is a fun-loving, generous spirit who in her time of crisis needs a little helping hand.

Anyway, below is her story...if you can do anything to help...please do so while lovingly keeping in mind...there but for the grace of God goes I...


Hi! My name is Rosalind “Roz” Allen and I NEED YOUR HELP!

Several months ago I was informed by my doctors that after years of being treated for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), I will need a heart transplant to maintain a normal standard of living.

I am a career journalist with an impressive resume having worked for the Dallas Morning News, the JC Penney corporate office in Plano, Texas; AOL Time Warner and Reach Media. I was educated in the Wichita, Kansas public school system and attended Wichita State University (WSU). While a student at WSU, I worked part time at the Wichita Eagle newspaper. I am a native of Wichita and relocated to Dallas, Texas where I lived for 16 years. I have since returned to Wichita where I currently reside with my mother, Carolyn Allen-Owens.

As a victim of corporate down-sizing, I chose to be a free-lance writer. Work in the area was sparse and the high cost of health care premiums seemed secondary to the daily costs of living. No one would have ever known that something as serious as CHF would be lurking in my future.

Due to the fact that I have no health insurance, I cannot afford to have the heart transplant. The hospitals in Kansas and Texas will not list me as a candidate for the surgery until I can show that I have the financial means to pay for the surgery. I have exhausted all of the state funded resources available in the States of Kansas and Texas. None of them will help.

My family and friends have started a fund to raise the $130, 000 needed for the surgery. I would be forever grateful if you will help me raise this money by contributing to the fund. Who knows, it could be you one day or one of your loved ones in the same predicament. None of us are exempt from something like this happening in our lives. What a joy it can be to know that you may have helped to save someone’s life by donating a few dollars. Can I count on you to HELP???

Contributions should be made payable to: The Rosalind Allen Heart Transplant Fund. Please mail to: Rosalind Allen Heart Transplant, c/o Emprise Bank, P.O. Box 2970; Wichita, Ks 67201-2970. All contributions are tax deductible and an EIN will be provided upon request. Bank wiring instructions are available by calling Robert Wilson, 316-383-4115.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers.
Blogger Michelle said...

Sadly, my friend Roz passed away and I will be going home to Wichita to attend her funeral this weekend. She will be terribly missed. I can't believe she's gone. Proof again, that nothing, is promised to us, including tomorrow. I know some of her family and we share many of the same friends -- so my heart goes out in prayer to them all. If you knew Roz, please feel free to share words about her here.

God bless you all.

7:05 PM, November 08, 2006  
Anonymous Tony S. said...

By the master's plan, Roz and I met as young journalists in Dallas. For years we would read and tout each others "stuff" -- the dailies, the enterprise pieces, the fun, delicious or insensible anecdotes that we contributed to news stories of the day.
As years went on our lives and careers took different paths, but somewhere, everywhere, I knew when Roz was "en da howze." Whether it was on a dance floor, at a NABJ/DFWABC convention or collective or a book signing (she always supported brothers and sisters who disciplined themselves to tome), I'd hear: "You ain't right! You know you ain't right!"
We'd laugh, catch up, call for weeks and lose touch ... only until our next reunion.
And each time and after that, we'd smile, laugh way too loud and repeat the process. That woman could laugh! And she shared that honest love and emotion with so many of us; lifting the troubles the world held and raising the roof. I'll miss that; I'll miss her. So no more will I look for her at reunions, at a card party or a signing...but I'll hear her laugh ... and you know you will too!

So, here's to Roz, and here's to us. How lucky we are to have known her joy! Be blessed and be loved.

3:16 AM, November 09, 2006  

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