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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ultimate Author Reality Show

There's a new reality show coming to laptops and desktops near you. It's called The Ultimate Author and it's a half-hour reality-show formatted strictly for the Internet.

I recently learned that lawyer-turned-author Karyn Langhorne attended a June 16th casting call. Karyn is the host of thebooksquad and she's the author of Unfinished Business, A Personal Matter and Street Level. Last year, Karyn released a novel called the Diary of an Ugly Duckling -- which is kind of prophetic, because the novel is about a woman that chooses to compete on a reality show!

For Karyn's take on The Ultimate Author audition process, click here and here.

Concept For The Ultimate Author: Eight contestants will be judged in a writing competition that tests their ability to develop attention-grabbing content. Each week, a different genre will be selected. Contestants will be given two hours to write a chapter for the following: romance, mystery, science fiction, sports, travel, motivation/inspiration, health, entertainment, children’s book, business, or a biography. Contestants will read a portion of their work during the show.

While the authors' primary role is to create a literary masterpiece, they must also demonstrate that they can handle the responsibilities of The Ultimate Author. Contestants must be smart enough to spell and write well, creative enough to coordinate a themed book club gathering, savvy enough to handle an ambush interview, wise enough to develop an effective marketing plan, and talented enough to help design an eye-catching book cover.

Within the half-hour, contestants compete as a group and individually. The contestant with the least amount of points for that week will be asked to close their laptop and leave.

The winning prize is what else -- A BOOK CONTRACT.

Question: What do you think? Will you tune in to watch?

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